There’s a Poem Here

for catherine inculet 1957-2015

There’s a poem here.
Catherine, it’s been forty-five days
since I last saw your face.
I’ve been busy on your behalf;
the Will, the theatrics, the Wake,
so I haven’t had time to grieve.

I recently read your poems,
your rants and raves and blogs,
seen your photos, the hoarding, plays.
I said to myself yesterday,
there’s a poem here.

Today I read with wonder
your public school notebooks, and
your smile, you know the one
on all the photos taken
at your short-lived wedding,
shone from every handwritten page.

So much life ahead of you.
So much innocent childhood joy.
I could see your future paths expand
before me on each and every page;
daughter, humanitarian, lawyer, lover, thespian.
There is a book here, after I grieve.

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Wayne Scott Ray

Wayne (Scott) Ray was born in Alabama and spent most of his first fifteen years on Ernest Harmon Air Force Base in Stephenville, Newfoundland until moving to Woodstock, Ontario in 1965. Wayne is the founder of HMS Press publishing, co‑founder of the Canadian Poetry Association (CPA) (Toronto & London). He was the recipient of the Editors Prize for 'Best Poet Published in 1989' from Canadian Author and Bookman. He helped establish the London Arts Council .Wayne has eighteen books and chapbooks of poetry, fiction and non‑fiction published as well as credits in; anthologies, periodicals, journals and newspapers across Canada between 1983 and 2015.

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