the band that i’m in

won’t sing about cancer or staying strong.
we won’t wear plaid, nor dress like emo
meerkats, nor play the chorus screamo
and jagged as little pills.  we have a song

about william henry harrison.  sample lyrics:
he said, i’ll disown ya if there are no begonias
from california, but then he got pneumonia.
yes.  that’s the stuff.  that’s the spirit

we smoke.  and we smoke.  and we smoke
and we smoke and i smoked until i shook.
key of c.  thirty days after he took
office, william henry harrison died
(oh yeah), william henry harrison died.
that’s funny, right?  you’ll laugh until you choke?

Editor’s Note: Interested in hearing the song this poem is based on? Check out Mead Lake’s Most Wanted’s Bandcamp page.

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B.J. Best

B.J. Best

B.J. Best is the author of three books of poetry: But Our Princess Is in Another Castle (Rose Metal Press, 2013), Birds of Wisconsin (New Rivers Press, 2010), and State Sonnets (sunnyoutside, 2009). I got off the train at Ash Lake, a verse novella, is forthcoming from sunnyoutside in 2015. He lives in Wisconsin.
B.J. Best

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