Shell Shock

The letters I never mailed you
clutter trenches now, confetti

I love you smeared on mud
tack, ink icing, fancies

I miss you crumpled down
bog hole, rat reeking

I need you shoved in big-toe
boot holes, leaky soles

Even if I had stamps, I’d trade
for muddy coffee, card games

When I think of war, I think of
tasting mud in my sleep, bones

shattered from shelling, scabbed
flea sores, and you, safe

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Keri Withington

Keri Withington

Keri Withington is an English faculty member at Pellissippi State Community College. Her current interests include gender studies, language registers, adventures in the Smoky Mountains, and political poetry. Her poems have appeared in other journals including Blue Fifth Review, Snapdragon Journal, and Miscreant.
Keri Withington

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