Tulips drowning,
leaves dripping,
tips of the eucalyptus
bowed down by water.
Under the weight of the sky
a solitary dog yips. In the garden,
a sodden leather sandal
alone upon the stones.

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Ruth Bavetta

Ruth Bavetta

Ruth's poems have been published in Rhino, Rattle, Nimrod, Tar River Poetry, North American Review, Spillway, Hanging Loose, Poetry East, and Poetry New Zealand, among others, and are included in the anthologies Wait a Minute; I Have to Take off My Bra, Feast, Pirene’s Fountain Beverage Anthology, Forgetting Home and Twelve Los Angeles Poets. She's also published two books: Fugitive Pigments and Embers on the Stairs. A third book, No Longer at this Address, will appear soon.
Ruth Bavetta

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