Ode to Apples

To smell you
is to find spices
as essential to conversation
as words are
to the kitchen.
Tempered by the air of August,
you are as versatile
as its weather:
bathed in wine,
you call back summer loves––
freckled faces
speckled with seawater
and sun-sweetened skin.
Pampered with cinnamon,
you sprint
towards winter,
mulling over
touches of clove
and suggestions of lemon peel,
which call warmth to you
as easily as you soften,
when you’re with sugar.
To eat you
is to taste autumn
no matter the season.

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Jordi Alonso

Jordi Alonso

Jordi Alonso graduated with an AB in English from Kenyon College in 2014, where he studied poetry and literary translation. He is a Turner Fellow in Poetry at SUNY Stony Brook Southampton and has been published in The Southampton Review, Edible, and other journals. He is the author of "Honeyvoiced".
Jordi Alonso

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