We make love out of nothing

Knowing each other’s bodies
the way a child remembers
how to tie his shoes

We make love with the windows open

our laughter riding the wind
through the neighbor’s laundry
wrapping and unwrapping
undulating on the line

We make love in the heat

Each tasting the other’s skin
fresh as mown grass
or the anticipation of rain

We make love in the cold

The two of us
eager little birds slamming into window glass
pale white
melting to form one long shape

We make love out of nothing

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LeAnn Bjerken

LeAnn Bjerken is a recent graduate of Eastern Washington University with an MFA in Poetry. Originally from Minnesota, she now lives in Spokane Washington along with her husband Steve and their cat Tikki. She currently works as a reporter for a local business journal.
LeAnn's work tends to be short and often self reflective, trying through objects or people to reveal something more about a moment. LeAnn is inspired by heartbreak, mermaids and the mysteries of the natural world.

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