Night Life

We escape from
 cheap apartments
 to the smell of
street air and wine.

The stars form a
seductive lace that
hangs over the
glass city.

You hide your hand in
 my coat pocket, our
eyes tied together
by sonorous smoke.

The wind purifies
my silver streaks. Our
 feet move to the sound
 of nearby guitars gush.

We venture into alleys
swollen with painted tattoos,
the unconscious stain of
an artist’s hidden history.

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Ryan Racine

Ryan Racine

Ryan Racine is a student at Brock University. He has published in the literary journals The Steel Chisel, Pauses/Words/Noises, The Brock University Anthology, Pictures & Portraits, Ekphrastic, Joypuke and Weekly Poems. He won the UNESCO poetry contest in Niagara and was selected for the Michael Hornyansky Prize for Creative Writing.
Ryan Racine

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