I Believe in Floating Grandfathers

For Paul and Dorothea

In the days before grandma died,
she claimed grandpa paid her secret visits,
said he floated through the nursing home’s
fourteenth-story window.

He always did love to travel.
That pop-up camper sulked
in the driveway once Parkinson’s set in.
By the time grandma saw him in the window,
He’d already been dead for seven years.

Which is why my family thought
she was hallucinating.
But I believe in floating grandfathers.
Around her bony wrist, I slipped
a coil of rope and whispered,
Next time, catch him.

In her life’s last minutes, I imagine that’s what she did.
That once grandpa was lassoed and tied,
he had enough leverage to take her with him.

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Lynn Houston

Lynn Houston

Lynn Marie Houston's poetry appears in various journals and in her first collection, The Clever Dream of Man (Aldrich Press). Her poems have won prizes in national contests sponsored by the Arizona State Poetry Society and Whispering Prairie Press. She is currently pursuing her MFA at Southern Connecticut State University.
Lynn Houston

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