For Tip and Ana

The latest was in ’80,
’82 – it’s already
hard to make out. No
actual dates, few years,
surprisingly few hearts
pierced or whole; mostly
the addition – TIP + ANA,
4EVER (and a solitary
TEXAS) – which the gray
muscular bark rounded
off, like memory or flesh.
It was never soft or
private enough here
for some echoing ecstasy to stir
the leaves; hopefully
everyone found
a room. I wonder
why they so seldom carved
the year – reconsecrating
‘30 or ’63 to the one wish?

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Fred Pollack

Fred Pollack

Author of two book-length narrative poems, THE ADVENTURE and HAPPINESS, both published by Story Line Press.A collection of poems, A POVERTY OF WORDS, forthcoming from Prolific Press. Many poems in print and online journals.Adjunct professor creative writing George Washington University. Poetics: neither navelgazing mainstream nor academic pseudo-avant-garde.
Fred Pollack

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