Feeding the Calves

tuck sweaty worn gloves
under tight twine bindings.
lug the hay to the calf pen
shoulders tight
hay scratches my arms
the bale bounces on my thigh.
toss it over the fence and follow
yank one strap off,
then holding the other,
knee the bale in the middle,
send slices of hay,
with a kick
into the feed trough

scent of leather and clover
lingers a lifetime.

feeding the calves Banner Image

Thomas Cannon

Thomas Cannon's story about his son is the lead story in the anthology Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Autism. He also has his humorous novel The Tao of Apathy available on Amazon. His poems and short stories have been published in many print and electronic journals. Each year he is part of the planning committee for the Lakefly Writers Conference and is a member of the Wisconsin Writer's Association.

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