Emancipation Day in the Virgin Islands

Flies are frantic in summer heat.
Some try to mate in air.
Others seek flypaper or swatter.
The city machine hums.
House brick vibrates, loosing mortar.
Window screens rattle,
and slugs come out into the sun.
Surely, some celebration is at hand.
“Independence! Freedom!” the flies buzz
to starlings and robins
who explode from happiness.

The sky descends like a downed aircraft,
gray, twirling, disintegrating.
The earth forms itself into the shape of a man
as flies fight to become eyes and brain.

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Joseph Lisowski

Joseph Lisowski

Joseph Lisowski won the University of North Carolina Board of Governors Teacher of the Year Award (2013-2014).His most recent poetry book publications are STASHU KAPINSKI DREAMS OF GLORY (full length, Sweatshoppe Publications, 2013) and BLUE SEASON (with Steve Klepetar, chapbook, mgv2>publishing, 2013).
Joseph Lisowski

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