Chocolate Madonna

I wish I could lick the backs
          of your tangled legs as
you sleep.
    Your honeyed veins run deep
into my
             anglosaxon dreams.

I focus on
the etchings of your coconut milk
  back. The murk
of flesh weaves to your
        mahogany hips.

I brush my husky lips against
           your ear
    as the alarm curls around
the room.
              My moistened mind fetishizes the way your
painted toes often point inward
when you
            sit at the kitchen table.

Our mingling limbs
     are a cosmic imbalance
                 on the
turquoise sheets, more intimately
                    than quantum physics.

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Ryan Racine

Ryan Racine

Ryan Racine is a student at Brock University. He has published in the literary journals The Steel Chisel, Pauses/Words/Noises, The Brock University Anthology, Pictures & Portraits, Ekphrastic, Joypuke and Weekly Poems. He won the UNESCO poetry contest in Niagara and was selected for the Michael Hornyansky Prize for Creative Writing.
Ryan Racine

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