Chair Study

Based on a painting of the same name by Ivan Blades

striped fronds of a spider plant
fall into diffused lemon
light of late afternoon
shining through bare window panes

an old arm chair the colour
of spent hydrangea blooms
stands alone, its wings
now cradle only air and a hint

shadow hovers over smooth
worn boards of the birch floor
white washed walls crinkle around
kindle memory

a different time, another wing chair
burnished gold wiping balled feet
on the jewel tones of my grandmother’s
oriental carpet with the tasselled silk edges

the coveted spot on my father’s knee
the resonance of his voice swelling
and falling on the rich tide of words
rising from mellowed rice paper pages

my young gaze wandering, resting
on the Boston fern, the bronzy filigree:
dying leaves under curling green tresses
beside the window draped in sheerest ivory.

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Virginia Boudreau

Virginia Boudreau lives in a seaside community on the south western tip of Nova Scotia, Canada. She is employed as a Learning Disabilities Specialist with her local school board. Her work has appeared, and is upcoming in a wide variety of North American literary magazines and anthologies.

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