botanical domes (radiation, day 20)

late march and twenty degrees, yet the tropics
breathe beneath this glass breast.  our son enjoys
our microvacation:  fuchsia blooms, the koi
speckled and catlike.  i’m slower, myopic,

squinting at signs:  the purple bougainvillea
is hardy and quickly becomes invasive.
ah, yes.  another little pervasive
reminder:  her cancer is like godzilla.

but i most admire the saguaro cacti,
how they find tenderness terrifying.
they harden with the desert’s penury;
their needled refusals are formal as black-tie
affairs where the most dangerous act is crying.

the oldest will not cry for centuries.

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B.J. Best

B.J. Best

B.J. Best is the author of three books of poetry: But Our Princess Is in Another Castle (Rose Metal Press, 2013), Birds of Wisconsin (New Rivers Press, 2010), and State Sonnets (sunnyoutside, 2009). I got off the train at Ash Lake, a verse novella, is forthcoming from sunnyoutside in 2015. He lives in Wisconsin.
B.J. Best

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