Not much has changed since I was
shaky knees
sunburnt and peeling backwards
And we were cottonmouth kisses
trembling thighs as my guard
avalanched, crumbled down
and you echoed a reminder of how meaningless love is
into the mountainsides
Messy and connected by tongue
we were electrocuting toes
and tastes shaking spines
eyes rolling back into black,

Now, I’m back where I began
lonely but not alone
lips dry and
for more

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Melanie Calantropio

Melanie Calantropio

Melanie is a junior at Drew University. She is the Vice President of the Drew Poets Society and host of The Platform, a monthly open mic organized by Arts By The People, where she's interned. She's often inspired by the earth, rhythms and parallels to nature.
Melanie Calantropio

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