All the Birds Have Gone

Man and animal
fill the air
with smoke
after a wildfire
their centaur life.

A column of rocks
lies toppled
while pines
stand black
and pallid white.
If these trees had wings
butterflies would hover
and wait
for them
to fly.

It doesn’t mean
I can’t start again

The air clear
of smoke
I will find dead remains.

When I hear birdsong
I will know
that this is now the past.
We all die
feet in both worlds.

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Ion Corcos

Ion Corcos

Ion Corcos has been published in Every Writer, Axolotl, Bitterzoet, Ishaan Literary Review and other fine journals. Ion loves travelling, and with his partner, Lisa, recently bought one-way tickets to Greece. They intend to write and travel indefinitely.
Ion Corcos

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  • Lisa Reily

    A beautiful poem, Ion… Haunting and sad, yet full of hope. Lisa 🙂