We (Symbolically) Adopted a Fox!

It’s our first birthday!

Fox Adoption started as a long-term goal about two years ago, but became a reality on January 1, 2015. In the year since then, we’ve published 48 pieces by 27 very creative people, learned a little about web design and a lot about running a literary magazine.

Perhaps the most surprising (and fulfilling) is the large number of comments we’ve received about our name. Alicia and I originally used Fox Adoption as a placeholder name while we were preparing to launch the magazine, but there was something about it that just stuck – and we’re glad it did! Thanks to the unexpected popularity of our magazine’s title, we felt it was fitting to celebrate our birthday by symbolically adopting an actual fox, which we did through the World Wildlife Fund.

Fox Adoption's Fox Adoption

Want to help us celebrate? We’d love to have even more people donate to the WWF (foxes or otherwise), or really any charity. A few of our favorites include:

As we look forward to a new year, Alicia and I want to thank everyone who has helped Fox Adoption reach this point. Our submitters have given us plenty of great pieces of art that we’re incredibly proud to have provided a home for. And for our readers, even if you’ve only read a single piece, we’re glad to have shared some amazing work with you.

We’ve got big hopes and dreams for Fox Adoption’s future, including both short- and long-term goals. So befitting the first day of 2016 and our first birthday, let’s all have a great year.

Fox Adoption's First Birthday

Joshua DeGrasse-Baumann

Joshua DeGrasse-Baumann

Editor-in-Chief at Fox Adoption Magazine
Josh is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Fox Adoption. He previously served as the editor of Century Magazine at Carroll University where he studied journalism and English. His poetry has appeared in Portage Magazine. He currently lives in Milwaukee, WI where he works in digital marketing.
Joshua DeGrasse-Baumann

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