Fox Adoption Is On Hiatus

Unfortunately, due to other obligations, we have decided it’s for the best to put Fox Adoption Magazine on indefinite hiatus.
We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has submitted work to out magazine over the last two years and are proud to have published many amazing pieces.
Once time allows, we would love to get the magazine going, but we do not currently have a time table for doing so.
Thanks again for all of your support – and keep creating!
– Fox Adoption Editorial Staff
Joshua DeGrasse-Baumann

Joshua DeGrasse-Baumann

Editor-in-Chief at Fox Adoption Magazine
Josh is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Fox Adoption. He previously served as the editor of Century Magazine at Carroll University where he studied journalism and English. His poetry has appeared in Portage Magazine. He currently lives in Milwaukee, WI where he works in digital marketing.
Joshua DeGrasse-Baumann

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