Fox Adoption is Accepting its First Submissions!

Fox Adoption is officially accepting submissions! Check out our submission guidelines and then send us your pieces!

Since we’re just getting started, we can’t really give an estimate on how long responses are going to take, but rest assured that we want to be as quick as we can possibly be!

Our plan for now is to publish as often as we get pieces we really enjoy. This might mean we go a fair amount of time without an update or we may publish a whole bunch of pieces in a row. Ideally, our goal is to post at least once a week, but we’d love to have a reason to publish more often.

Depending on submissions, Fox Adoption might move to a more traditional issue-based model later, but we like the idea of publishing on a rolling basis. More frequent updates allow us to get more art out there and, we think, build a better community.

This blog will also be getting updated fairly regularly, so pay attention to that, too! We’ve got some great ideas for content we’d love to write!

Be sure to follow us on social media, too! We’ll be posting great stuff on Facebook and Twitter!

We’d also love feedback on just about anything related to the magazine! If you have suggestions, questions, or just like what you see just let us know!

We’re really excited to get started and we can’t wait to see some great submissions!

Joshua DeGrasse-Baumann

Joshua DeGrasse-Baumann

Editor-in-Chief at Fox Adoption Magazine
Josh is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Fox Adoption. He previously served as the editor of Century Magazine at Carroll University where he studied journalism and English. His poetry has appeared in Portage Magazine. He currently lives in Milwaukee, WI where he works in digital marketing.
Joshua DeGrasse-Baumann

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  • You’ll waste a lot less of your own time and that of submitters if you give some indication of what kind of work you like, or what other journals and poets you admire.

    • Joshua DeGrasse-Baumann

      Right now, we’re pretty open to anything. We might narrow our tastes later on, but we’re happy to see what we get for the moment.